What does TargetRemarket do?

Most websites you visit offer their content to you for free. So to help pay the bills they’ll often allow ads from other companies to show on their website. At TargetRemarket, we help those companies match their ads to the right people, so that you see more relevant ads and they don’t waste money showing you ads you don’t care about. The ads you see are customized based on where you’ve been around the web.

What kind of personal information do you collect about me?

We do not know who you are personally or collect personally identifiable information. Our technology only uses non-personally identifiable information (Non-PII) data about your browsing behavior to match you with appropriate advertising, offers, and discounts.

This data comes from your Internet Protocol (IP) address. Every computer has an IP address that’s unique and used to identify your computer when you go online.

IP addresses are necessary in order for the internet to work. Simply put, the internet is a web of connected computers that share information, and IP addresses tell websites where to send information when you request it.

Your IP address is like a regular mailing address. It gives the websites you look at a physical location of where to send the information you request.

Think about it: many people are using Google right now to search for different things, and Google needs a way to keep all of the different search requests organized. Imagine 10 million people all searching Google at the exact same time for 10 million different things. How would Google know what results to show what computer without a way to identify each computer’s specific request?

How do you know what websites I’ve been to?

Internet browsers collect small files called “cookies” from the websites you visit. These cookies leave a breadcrumb trail of the sites you’ve visited online and are used to help sites remember who you are when you come back to visit.

They remember your choices to make your internet browsing more convenient. They’re really helpful for things like:

– Remembering your language or currency preferences so that you don’t have to remind the website every time you visit.

– Storing your password and login so that you don’t have to re-authenticate every time you click on a new page within a website that you’ve signed into already. (When you leave the site, these types of cookies are deleted.)

– Keeping items from disappearing from your shopping cart when you shop online. Without cookies the website wouldn’t be able to remember what you placed in your cart.

– Improving load times for sites you visit frequently.

How do you use the information you collect from cookies?

We only use cookies to help our clients provide you with better advertising experiences. We never sell, trade or give away your personal information to anyone else. We also never knowingly collect any personal information from children.

The only time we would share any information we have is if it was requested by a court or law enforcement agency.

Your privacy choices

That being said, you always have complete control over whether or not you’d like to see these tailored advertisements. If you don’t want your browsing information used to create more relevant advertising, you can opt-out of seeing these personalized ads. Opting out will not prevent you from seeing ads, but it will let advertisers know that you’d like to see generic ads that aren’t specifically tailored to your tastes or interests.

We and our third party partners collect data from this site ( for interest-based advertising.

TargetRemarket adheres to the NAI Code of Conduct. Additionally, TargetRemarket does not collect or use data about health conditions or treatments for ad targeting.

Other websites have their own policies in place, and we have no responsibility for, or control over the information-collection practices of any other website.