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We are excited to announce that APIM has partnered with TargetRemarket to offer their Agents the best in ReMarketing solutions.  ReMarketing allows you to optimize your marketing budget because we will get your ads in front of the right people at the right time.  This allows you to stay top of mind as buyers are looking for their next automobile purchase. 

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  • Website ReTargeting – Stay top of mind to those who Visit Your Website. Buyers will see your ad repeatedly as they continue to navigate the internet building your Agency’s brand awareness.
  • Competitive ReTargeting – Imagine being able to tap into your competitions web traffic – Now You Can! With Competitive ReTargeting you can Drive all Competitors Traffic to Your Offer allowing you to compete like never before!
  • Keyword ReTargeting – We research the top performing key words in your local market and give them to you. This allows your ad to be seen anytime these keywords are searched by high intent buyers.  Simply put, Ads are served to those looking for YOU!
  • FaceBook ReTargeting – Have your Ads show up on Facebook to Specific Targeted Audiences in your City. Great for Credibility and Conversions.
  • Campaigns include – All Creative Designs, Banners, Unique login for results tracking and more!!

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